Saturday, September 20, 2008


Another weekend is here. We are working on Nate's bedroom this weekend. The walls are getting textured and painted with a country scene worthy of Thomas the Tank Engine. Rolling green hills and bright blue skies. Andy will be building Nate a new bed frame next week. I have to wonder at the contradictions in Nate's character. All he wants to talk about is Spiderman and Transformers, but when he's given the choice, he wants a Thomas the Tank Engine bedroom. Interesting.

We put up the blackboard paint in the kitchen. The kids love having a wall they can draw on! It's a lot of fun.

I am sitting here hoping for some kind on intestinal spasm so I can get out of working tonight. Saturdays are sooooo long and sooooo boring! I have to go in early tonight to finish tears (I hate tears), so it is going to be an extra-long night tonight. Ugh!

Ah well! Back to cleaning out Nate's room!

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