Saturday, September 27, 2008


The work on Nate's room continues. The paint is finished, except for the clouds we're going to sponge on the ceiling (don't ever say we do things the easy way...) We're ripping up carpet this week, new carpet goes in a week from Monday, and then the new bedframe can go in. UGH! Oh, and we're making the closet into a tunnel. Yes. Indeed.

Nate continues to do well at school. His teacher thinks he's great, and he comes home on a regular basis talking about his friends Joey, Brylee, Challen, and a little girl whose name I cannot remember right now (Mental block! Mental block!). Right now, they are practicing their 4s and learning what the letters A, M, and S sound like. Wuhoo! Go Kindergarten!

Lizzie is growing so tall! I am preparing to put her hair into cornrows tomorrow. Oh, the drama! It will be an afternoon filled with screams of "Don't do it!" I hope the neighbors don't call the cops. She loves taking walks in the autumn weather. I've been playing a lot of piano music on the stereo lately, and she cracks me up when she peers into the speakers, trying to figure out how that huge piano got into such a small speakers. It really puzzles her for a few minutes, then she starts laughing. So Lizzie. Oh, and Caspian, if you're reading, you have created a monster! All she wants to do is give high-fives! She loves them! Can't think why we didn't teach her sooner...

Andy & I continue to plug away at work. I've been feeling a bit under the weather this week, like I'm trying to come down with something. A lady on a talk show said eating raw garlic would boost my immune system, but I don't think my family and coworkers would appreciate the smell. Andy is looking forward to the holiday season so he can make dozens upon dozens of cookies. He says he's taking orders, should anyone be interested. :)

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