Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bum hip+no sleep=Crazy!!

For those of you who don't know, Andy woke up Monday morning with pain shooting down his left leg. Something was wrong with his hip. Andy being Andy, he stuck it out Monday, Tuesday and a couple of hours on Wednesday before he said, "Call the doctor!" One doctor visit later, he came home with some steroids and a diagnosis of a pinched nerve. Neither of these things eased his pain, nor did it allow him to sleep at night, when the pain was invariably worse. The steroids did give him mood swings. Andy's lack of sleep led to my lack of sleep (yes, I'm one of those women who can't sleep without my hubby next to me). By Friday, Andy couldn't put his own shoes on and we were on our way to a different doctor. The pinched nerve and steroids remain, but a strong pain reliever and a miracle-drug muscle relaxant have joined the family. They also added "spacey" and "sudden sleeping" to the list of weird things this week already had going for it ("sleep deprived" and "moody"). Today, "very itchy" also joined our happy group. As Andy says, "I'm suddenly remember what I hated about Pregnazone!" He took the same stuff when he had Leukemia.

Anyhoo! Doctor #2 took some x-rays. The day we've been quietly ignoring for 9.5 years has finally arrived. When a doctor describes your hip joint as looking more like Table Rock than an actual hip joint, it's time to shop around for an orthopedic surgeon to replace the thing. Another item to move from my "things I'd rather not do--EVER!" list to my "To do soon" list.

Other than being stressed about Daddy not feeling well (and not acting well, either), the kids are fine. Getting big. Sassy. The usual. Both are bulking up for another growth spurt. Lizzie's last one shot her up an inch. Wonder how far she'll go this time.

The good news is that by this time tomorrow, Nate's bedroom will be done and he won't be sleeping in the living room anymore! Hooray!

P.S. My lack of sleep is why this posting sounds so depressed. :s

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  1. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I am a little behind on my blogs because of computer trouble, and I am thinking it is going to get worse before it gets better. Sorry.
    I called Andy. I have heard of a good MD who is in Hamalton. I will get some more info on him and let you know.


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