Saturday, November 29, 2008

A lot like Christmas

I don't know about you all, but we don't waste any time getting ready for Christmas at our house! We already have our tree and inside lights up! Nate has been so thrilled about Christmas coming! He is a delight to watch, and his excitement in catching. Here are some pictures of our outting the day after Thanksgiving! (I got a new camera that morning, which I'm counting as an early Christmas gift.)

Hey! There's a good lookin' guy! Andy is out and about these days. He even works a half day at work every day. This picture was taken on our way to pick out our Christmas tree! Hooray! :)

And here's our Elizabeth. "Say cheese," she said. Look how big she's getting! She had fun playing with the lights while Andy tried to get them working... :)

Speaking of big, look at this guy! My handsome, wonderful Little Guy! I look at this picture and I can see him aging to a young man before my eyes. "I'm frozen!" he told me right after I took this picture, and went to wait in the Jeep while Andy, Lizzie and I picked out our tree. Not made for cold weather, is our Nate. :)
Pictures of said tree will follow soon. It is a happy little tree, and we're awefully fond of it already. Alas, these are all the pictures I had time to upload tonight, since we still don't have a working computer at home. :(

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  1. Poor Nate, he's not made for hot weather either!! tee hee! How NICE to have Andy up and around!!


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