Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quick update

Howdy! Just a quick update to let you know we now have a working computer in the house (hooray!). I'll do some pics one of these days!

Life is crazy around here, as always. The school missed that Nate hadn't had his last three immunizations, so the nurse called and said if we didn't get them done in the next week they were booting him out (nice, right?). So, I had to figure out where to take him and when. Poor guy! He never liked the things when he was little--he's sure gonna' hate 'em now! They'll have to jab him in the bum, cuz there's no way there's enough fat on his arms! Today, the nurse tried to make this all my fault: "Well, I sent home a big letter before school started, telling you which shots he needed." To which I replied, "Well, I felt sure you would call me if he was missing any shots." (Besides which, if you don't get the immunization records in, they aren't considered registered and they get bussed off to a different school since apparently it's first come first serve at public schools here! *deep breath* So, not wanting him to have to go to a different school, I just hustled the records in without really looking at them.) "Er...well...yes..." Was her answer. HA! Don't try to wiggle out of the fact that you looked up the WRONG KID!! Who would've thought there'd be a kid with the exact same name born in '01 instead of '02? And I am strangely curious about this other Nate....

Anyway, that's all I've got tonight! Love to all!

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  1. Well that is going to be difficult on nate. Hope he gets some ice cream or something out of the deal. Hope he doesn't stay mad ot you for very long. well got to go. Thanks for taking such great care of your family. Wayne


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