Friday, December 12, 2008

So crazy

Yes, that's us. We are so crazy. Our lives are so crazy. Our kids...crazy. Dogs...crazy. If we had a cat, it'd be crazy, too. Pretty sure our neighbors are becoming crazy, just by association. Poor neighbors!

Item of interest in our crazy life: The newest Copy Editor up at the paper is leaving at the end of the month. This usually wouldn't mean anything special, but management has decided not to fill the position when she leaves! Wha--? Yes. Crazy! So, that will mean I'll be working (you guessed it) crazy hours, and may very well end up getting my entire schedule changed around. Bummer! And crazy! I guess the extra money will be nice, so I shouldn't complain.

In other news...wait...there is no other news. Pretty normal (crazy) day here in Montana! Although, we are expecting quite a storm tomorrow afternoon! Hope there's enough snow for sledding. :D

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