Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our day

What a busy day we had! First, we went to Nate's Christmas program! He did great! Then, we went to Andy's final dr visit. Wuhoo!Here's the day in pictures!

Here's Nate at his program. Can you see him? He's up on the top row. He sang and everything! We were so proud of him! :D

Hey! It's Andy's last visit to the doctor! Hooray! He and Lizzie celebrated by goofing around while waiting for the dr. :D Don't they both look so great!?

And here's Lizzie trying to con the guy behind us out of his pop while we were at Nate's Christmas program. She really wanted his drink! Her great big brown eyes didn't work, though! The guy did laugh because she tried to sneak through the chairs and get at his drink several times. Determination, thy name is Lizzie!

I hope this video works. I took it with our digital camera. No sound, but hopefully, you'll see Nater doing his actions. :D

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  1. The kids are growing up! Look how cute Nate is standing with his little class! :) Congrats Andy on your last visit!


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