Thursday, January 8, 2009


Okay, my skin isn't hurting anymore, so I think I'll work on those pics and vids tomorrow. :)

We're all alive and kicking 'round these parts. We just got word that we'll have a brand-spankin'-new adoption site over on come Monday, so I'll post a link for that as soon as I have one. Our homestudy will be updated as soon as our FBI background checks come back.

Can you imagine? In a couple of weeks, it will be ten years since Andy and I went on our first date. I know that sound insignificant, but considering we both knew exactly where that first date was going to land us (married with two kids, two dogs, a homestudy, etc. etc.), it is a huge thing. It was pretty awesome to go on our first date, knowing that this was the man I was going to marry. I was giddy. Giddy! I could hardly sit still (just ask Lisa), and when I saw Andy standing there, smiling his smile, I had to stop myself from running and throwing my arms around him (just ask Tracy).

The past ten years have brought me my highest highs, my lowest lows and my craziest crazy. But through it all, I've had my best friend at my side. Right now, I have more reason to be grateful for that than ever before. Andy is not just a friend, not just a husband, but a soul mate. Don't laugh. I know it's cliche. He is the man who understands and loves me like no other man could. I am so grateful he is a part of my life...a part of me. The best part.


  1. Nice post. We ALL love Andy. =) He's like a pleasant day with warm sunshine, high cottonball clouds, and bees buzzing over the flowers. Thanks for Andy!

  2. Glad to hear you are well. I enjoyed your comments on Andy, as well. Love the picture of the family! You even got everyone to smile! Yee Hoo! You need to send me one to put in my picture frame. I don't have a family picture of you guys. Just a picture of Andy holding Mason as a baby. (All the pictures need to be up dated:)!


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