Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Picture time!

What a handsome boy! These are our family pics we had taken forever ago. :) My precious, beautiful children! Oh, and that's Lizzie's courtesy smile. She really wasn't sure about the lady waving a teddy bear around.

I'll post some more tomorrow!

We're all still kicking. Nate caused us some moments of concern when an absess on his wrist refused to go away--and, in fact, got bigger! Trip to the ER later, he has an antibiotic ointment and a follow-up appointment in the next few weeks. Wow, I'm getting sick of doctors! Strike that, I am really sick of doctors! Ah, well...such is life.

I hope everyone is well! I will be e-mailing the family pics out today! They are really high resolution, so you should get excellent prints from them.

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