Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's up today...

Mark, Sherrie and their kids all came down yesterday evening for a swim at the Y. It was great fun! Nate is getting so comfortable in the water! What a relief that is. Lizzie, on the other hand, totally freaked out when we went into the pool and we are puzzled about it. She did, eventually, start having fun, but wasn't ever as happy as she usually is in water. Hmmmm.....

It was fun to see everyone! The kids are all getting so tall! Which is fun to see, but also depressing...I mean, Madaline was just a tiny thing with great big eyes and a little button nose when I met her and now she's grown into a lovely young lady. Mickel, too, was just a small thing and now she's almost as tall as I am! What is to world coming to! :) Time, as they say, does indeed fly.

Speaking of time flying, it will be six years since Nate was placed with us, come Feb. 13. Wow, where did all those years go? As usual, we'll go through his photo album with him and talk about his birthmom and his foster parents, and meeting him for the first time. Perhaps I'll scan some of the early photos and share.

Today is the start of another work week for me. The weekend was much too short! But, such is life.

Much love to you all, till next time!

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