Friday, February 6, 2009


Aw, Friday at last! This week seems to have dragged on and on! Of course, for me, the week isn't really over; I still have work tonight and tomorrow night. But, it's nice to see Nate home, relaxing after a hectic week at school. He's watching a DVD his birthmom sent for him. He always enjoys hearing from her.

Andy's been working on the upstairs bathroom. It's almost done. It is now blue. The textured walls look great. I'll have to post a pic when he's done with it.

We've been taking baby steps with Lizzie on potty training, with some success. She's very good at "holding it," but we've yet to convince her the potty is a good thing. She looks at it suspiciously and refuses to use it.

What else is going on...? Um... Guess that's it. :S

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