Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nate!

There is my little boy, turning seven. How precious and sweet a gift he is in our lives! I marvel at the speed at which the years have flown by. I feel I will wake in the morning and he'll be graduating from high school!

Today, I would especially like to pay tribute to Vicki and Stew, who were Nate's foster parents when he was born. They introduced him to his first comforting touches, quieted his cries of distress, and found delight in his daily triumphs. We tell Nate that Heavenly Father made sure he was loved by very special people until we could find him and bring him home. He looks at pictures of his baby self with them and knows them by name. I look at those same pictures and see the giant smiles, and am grateful he knew joy and love from the beginning of his life, even though Andy and I weren't there. So thanks, Stew and Vicki, for loving our son. Thank you for touching so many lives through your years of service as Foster parents. You are an example of selfless love to all who know you.

Enjoy the video of the celebration! :) It's a little long and unsteady, sorry.

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