Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jump rope

One of my absolute favorite songs right now is "Jump rope" by Blue October. I was feeling awful one day--missing my mom, hating the adoption process, and wondering what the heck Heavenly Father was thinking when He put the plan for my life together--when I stumbled across this song. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me so grateful that someone else in the world knew what I was feeling.

Often, the adoption process is referred to as a roller coaster ride. I always thought that was unfair, because I love roller coasters; they're fun! And the adoption process...isn't. And, on a larger scale, much of the time life isn't--it isn't fun, it isn't fair. And so, when I listened to the lyrics of this song, it really hit me. "Life's like a jump rope: Up, down, up, down, up, down, yeah. It will get hard, remember life's like a jump rope..." This is exactly right, in my mind. Up and down, life takes us. And after a while, it's a bit jarring, and our muscles start to hurt. Each "up" requires a great deal of effort on our part to launch ourselves upward, and the down follows, but if we keep jumping we get stronger. I know people who barely touch the ground before launching themselves back up. And I know people who can hardly muster the strength for the tiniest of hops.

What are your ups? What are your downs?

It will get hard. But there will be joy. And it will be worth it. "Don't be ashamed to cry. You go ahead! Cuz life's like a jump rope!"

P.S. Lizzie loves jumping on the bed to this song--learn from her and find joy in the ups and downs! A little wisdom from my baby girl to all of us--including me...

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  1. I have never heard that song, but I love it! I think what hits me the HARDEST about that song is that nothing is sugar-coated. Life WILL get hard. Somehow, though, there is hope in that song. Yes, hope. The longer we jump rope, the more tired and yet the STRONGER we become. Sadly, after a while, it's not fun anymore. . .


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