Friday, November 5, 2010

Proud Mommy gushing...

Nate's birthday is next week (*cough hint hint Grandma cough*). I can't believe he'll be eight! It's amazing! Where did that chubby little baby go?

There he is with my Momma.

Now he's a tall, lean kid who wants to be a ninja and conquer the world. If it wasn't for his skin holding him in, he'd shoot off in a million different directions at once. He is an old soul, wise beyond his years and intuitive to the point of being unsettling. And he still has that deep, direct gaze that makes people nervous because they feel like he is seeing right through to the heart of who they are. And maybe he is. My little Nate.

My handsome young man!

I guess I'm not real sure I have a point, really. Just that the sun rises and sets in this boy's smile. That I adore him beyond belief. And I wouldn't have him if it weren't for adoption. My last couple posts have been about how adoption is hard, but if there is one all-around lesson from this post, let it be that adoption is beautiful. It is miraculous. It makes families, it brings families together. It isn't perfect, by any means. But look what I get to see every day because of adoption!

I can't take credit for the genes, but I do take credit for that smile!

Yep! Adoption really is about love! And it really does rock!

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