Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Birthmother...

You're out there, right? You're not just some figment of my imagination ... I'm not running around foolishly believing in someone who doesn't exist, am I? I feel like I should be talking in a hushed, fake accent, saying, "Today, we are in search of the elusive Birthmother, also known as Expectant Mother, in adoption circles. Very rare, these marvelous creatures..." Well ... you get the picture. I've been running around searching for you, waiting for you, praying for you, and yet you never seem to appear. I guess my big question is...are you searching for us? Are you out there somewhere, wondering where the heck your awesome little adoptive family is? (You know--the family who loves family movie night and taking long road trips. Yeah...that's us! Here we are!)

I hope you're searching for us as much as we're searching for you. But...maybe you're not. Surely, with both of us searching so much, we'd find each other. So maybe you're not searching. Maybe you haven't even given us a second thought. Maybe you decided you just couldn't handle having us in your life, because that would mean you've placed your baby with us, and that's too scary, too hard, too...too...too...

Dear Birthmother (for this is going out to the woman who will someday be a birthmother to one of our children), adoption is hard. For all of us. It is hard, and scary, and sometimes almost impossible. But we're here to help you through the rough spots if you'll let us. We're here. Come and find us.

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