Saturday, August 27, 2011


It's back to school time! As always, I'm more nervous than the kids. My little girl starts Kindergarten this year, and I just don't know how that happened. WHERE did the past 5 years go?! No matter where they went, I am proud of the little person I'm sending off to Big Kid School on Monday. She's my sweet, giggly, bubbly girl and I just adore her!

Nate is excited to go back to school. He hates to admit it, but he really does like the routine and challenge school offers. He also likes the new clothes and school supplies, haha. Independent and capable, he is ready for 3rd grade! What a little man he is!

I guess today is just a day for being grateful for my kids and the amazing people they are. They teach me so much, and challenge me to grow. Thank goodness for adoption! For all it's ups and downs, ins and outs, strengths and flaws, it has made us a family. It brought our precious kids into our home. What a truly miraculous thing!

OK, I'm getting all mooshy now. *sniff sniff*

Many pics to come on Monday, as the kids head off to school. I think a quick trip to the lake Monday evening might be in order, too, just to help us blow off some steam from the first day. Hm. I'll talk to Mr. Hubby about it... ;)

Happy Back To School, y'all!

Hey, have you watched our adoption video yet? Well, why not? ;)

Oh, and before I forget to post this here. A fun day with friends!

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