Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5

Adoption has a way of straining relationships, strengthening relationships, destroying relationships and forging new relationships.

No matter who you are in adoption, it impacts your entire life and the lives of those around you. I know my father's adoption affected me in very real and tangible ways, just as my efforts to add another child to our family affects Andy (obviously), my siblings (thanks for listening to my heartbreaks), my friends (ditto) and my kids.

Similarly, a pregnant woman's journey in adoption impacts not just her, but her child (or children), significant other/spouse, parents, siblings...Adoption is wide reaching, and it isn't easy on anyone it touches.

Adoption's rewards are sweet, its blows are devastating, and it changes not only how you look at the world, but who you are...or rather, helps you discover who you can be, if you let it.

Today is another 2 song day. The first is for the strong women in adoption, who so often muster ever ounce of strength and courage they have to venture into the unknown; terrified, but unafraid, we tread the path we think is best.

The second song is for the solid, loving men who remind us who we are when we cast our backward glances, second guessing ourselves; who comfort us when we weep and leave us alone when we need to think.

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