Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not forgotten

It's easy for us ad adoptive parents to write about the joy that adoption has blessed us with. We have two beautiful, vibrant children who came to us through the miracle of adoption. And though I don't talk about her much, I never forget that my joy came at the cost of another woman's broken heart. I don't write about her here because...well, because she is our children's birthmom; and to me, that's kind of a sacred thing, not to be shared with the public in general.

Adoption is hard. Let's not forget, while we celebrate adoption and try to raise awareness, that someone else's arms are empty while ours are full. Let us not celebrate so loudly that we cannot hear the quiet weeping of the women who made our families possible.

Peace to you birthmoms, whoever and wherever you are. You are the true heroes in our adoption stories.

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