Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just for fun

Yeah, I'm in a fun mood tonight. I was reminded today that I am glad to be ME. Even though being me kinda' stinks sometimes (I think), I am an unique and awesome individual (stand back, lest the awesomeness overwhelm  you!), with a kind, compassionate husband and marvelously dynamic children. ROCK ON, Boyle family! WOOT!

Seriously, I'm one of those people who believes most things happen for a reason. If I take out even one piece of my life so far...pull at one colorful string in the intricate pattern of my life...and it all falls apart. Do I wish some things hadn't happened? Oh, you betcha'! But I also believe that I can let those things shape me into a better person or I can linger in sadness and despair. And the whole sadness and despair thing isn't really an option for me, because I have too much life to live still. I have kids to raise (and more to adopt, I hope), a husband to love, family to support! Places to go, people to see! Do I get sad? Uh...YEAH! Do I get depressed, of course! But I also pick myself up, dust myself off, and KEEP GOING!

I've been having the best time dancing to this tonight (in my chair, haha!). Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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