Saturday, January 21, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

Ah, The Sound of Music! *happy sigh*

OK, so there have been some new people join the ranks here at Live, Love, Laugh. Welcome, new readers! This is probably a great opportunity for me to re-introduce myself and do a list of my favorite things. I think I've done this before, but it's just too much fun, posting that song! I'm leaving out my husband and kids, cuz...yeah...of COURSE they're on top of my list of favorite things!

  • The Sound of Music. I mean, really. Captain VonTrap, Maria, the children! Wonderful memories of sitting around an old black and white TV eating popcorn and wondering if the Nazis would find the family! Oh, the childhood suspense! 
  • Dogs. Happy, loving souls sent to give us comfort. I adore my dogs and dogs in general. I work with a dog rescue group, and I love it! I also braid and weave leashes and collars in my spare time, which I find very satisfying. LOVE dogs!

  • Music. Music is necessary for my sanity, so I'm not sure it should really be on this list since it's essential to my life as I know it. But I do love music and it's ability to speak to me and for me. I love hearing my kids singing at the tops of their lungs, just like my mom used to.
  • Writing. As with music, writing is essential for my existence. Words on paper, images in my head...connecting the two is powerful to me and integral to who I am.
  • Driving. Sometimes, I just have to get behind the wheel of my Jeep and take a nice, long drive to clear my head. There's something about being in the Jeep with the music going and the Montana countryside flying by the window that soothes me. I love to drive.
  • Rain. Oh my, the joy of rain (the physical, not metaphorical). Rain reminds me of spring and green things growing. It's refreshing, invigorating, and renewing. 
  • Lazy afternoons with my kids. Nothing beats snuggling up in a blanket on the couch and reading or watching a movie with two of my most favorite people on earth (my kids, of course). Add my hubby to the mix and life is grand!
Well, those are just a few. How about you? What are your favorite things? ;)

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