Friday, January 20, 2012


I love Friday. It's the day I don't have to grouch at Nate about doing homework or getting his clothes ready for school the next day, or make sure Andy knows both kids need baths, or...or..or...or anything on that pesky list of "Things to Do". On Friday, the kids come home from school and we all just relaaaaaax. The TV and computers go on. Books come out. Tickle fights are had. Dogs and kids play loudly in the back yard. Naps are taken (if I'm lucky). I love hanging out with my kids. Nate came home super excited about writing in Chinese symbols today (for the Chinese New Year). Lizzie can't keep her tongue away from the gap in her bottom teeth. The dogs were sooooo happy to see Nate this afternoon cuz they knew it was play time. Fridays are full of the little moments that make life worthwhile, for me.

Thanks goodness it's Friday! :)

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