Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random stuff

It is almost March, which means I'm drawing closer to my phlebotomy course. I. Am. Excited. I can't wait to get that application filled out and start studying my brains out and poking people in the arm. *poke poke* I am kind of amazed that life has brought me to this point; I never expected to be here. Funny how life works, isn't it?

Despite the snow on the ground, summer is quickly approaching. It is time for our annual discussion on which family reunions we're going to attend. I do believe I have to put my foot down and insist we go to my mom's family reunion...I haven't seen many of my cousins for years. Mom would want me to keep in touch. And, we have the kids' reunion in April. A friend of mine is finalizing her son's adoption and we've been invited for the celebration and religious ceremony. We thought it would be a great time for the kids to see A again. It's important for Nate, especially, to have that connection. And it's such a blast to see the three of them together! So, Mackay, ID, and Salt Lake City are likely to be our only travel destinations this summer, except Idaho Falls. We'll see how the discussion goes, though.

March also means yummy food around our house. They take St. Paddy's Day seriously around here, and we're happy to eat as much green-colored goodies as possible. ;)  Andy makes the most delicious Blarny Stones! And I'm going to try some green cheese cake this year. Nummy!

Well, that's what's new around here. We're so boring, hahaha. :)

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