Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I've had so much going through my brain...too many thoughts screaming too loudly for attention all at the same time. I can't keep myself from thinking, planning, worrying, wondering. Only way I've found to slow my whirling thoughts is to listen to music (of course). Today, I've been through childhood favorites:

Stuff to dance to (or watch Lizzie dance to):

More childhood favorites:

And music that defines the aching in my soul:

Luckily, my kids are used to any and all of my music tendencies. I hope they're being exposed to a wide variety of music, like I was. Even more, I hope they learn it's okay to take some time to reflect, to sort through your thoughts and emotions, to worry and wonder ... and still come out the other side, whole and well and ready for the journey ahead.

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