Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We are home again. Funerals are never fun, but we did have a good visit with Andy's family. It is so nice to be back home and back into our routine.

So, what's new with us? Let's see...

Lizzie lost two teeth last month. I can't believe my little girl is old enough to lose teeth! She thought it was great fun.

Nate is playing Y basketball, and having soooo much fun! He loves playing any sport, but basketball and soccer have been faves lately. It's so fun to watch him, too! He is so much...himself...when he plays.

It's registration time at school and I'm faced with the yearly "I can't believe he/she will be in [insert grade]!" I can't believe Lizzie is finishing Kindergarten and heading into first grade (WAAAAAA!), and it boggles my mind that Nate will be in 4th grade. WOW! The time goes by so quickly...

I am both scared and excited about my upcoming class and career change. I'm taking a phlebotomy course, for those who haven't heard yet. I VANT TO TAKE YOUR BLOOOOD! Yep, I'll be running around jabbing needles in arms and poking fingers all day. Awesome, right? Certainly not where I saw myself at *cough cough* years old, but...you know what? Life doesn't always turn out the way you plan. Industries rise and fall (RIP newspapers), the economy crumbles and grows, life's tide ebbs and flows, and you adjust. So, even though I didn't see myself here, now that I AM here...I'm excited and nervous and wondering what's next. Dancing in the rain.

And we're still hoping a birthmom chooses us. As time wears on, the chances dwindle...but we still hope.

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