Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sleepless nights

Every couple of months, I hit a stretch of insomnia. I lay in bed with my brain running a million miles a minutes, making lists of things I have to do and wondering how I'm going to do them; making goals and plans to meet those goals; and (or course) worrying, worrying worrying. I'm a worrier. A worst-case-scenario dreamer-upper. A what-if-er. An over-analyzer. Well . . . yeah, you get the drift. Don't get me wrong, insomnia can be great for catching up on laundry and posting random, weird blog entries. Heh.

Today's song of the day is part of my "Insomnia" play list.


  1. LOL. You should have called me last night. Yes, good ol' insomnia. I was suddenly wide awake at 3am. Worrying. Over-analyzing. Now it's almost noon and I am exhausted! :) Sigh.

  2. I was up at 1:30, and then back up at 4:30. Like Susan...worn out. Next time reach out and touch someone...LOL.

  3. Food for thought...We should start a "middle of the night skype chat group" for the wonderful insomnia nights. I got hit at 3:30am and haven't been to bed yet. It's getting crazy in here....or maybe that's just sleepless me. ;)


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