Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nothing is written

The title of today's song is really spot-on for me right now. I'm looking forward to writing new chapters in my life--and they aren't shaping up at all like I'd imagined. But who says the story has to continue on the way it was going? Aren't the best stories those with unexpected twists? It's not like we're taking a 90 degree turn in our lives or anything, lol. We just hit a crossroads and went, "You know...let's try that way." And off we go! Like most of our life together, Andy and I are trying to view this as an adventure. Joy in the journey, and all of that. And you know what? I have this funny feeling that everything is going to be just fine. Maybe it's because this next chapter will see the intrepid Boyle family succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Maybe because we'll be undertaking the writing of said chapter together . . . the way we always have, the way we always will . . . and as long as we do that, all is well.

I miss my mom at times like this. She is who I called on for support, excitement, wild optimism, and words of caution--she always knew just what to say when I laid my life before her and asked, "What do I do?" I miss her wisdom, her wit, her unwavering love and confidence in me. On days like this, though, I can almost hear her telling me, "Now. You'll be alright."

And, also this one...


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