Friday, March 16, 2012


I've looked at this blog many times over the past few years and wonder why I decided to do it this way. I mean, I look at most adoption blogs, and they have their "birthmom letter" up front and center--perfectly worded and wonderful. Ours is in the tab up there . . . see it? Yep, there it is! So why DID I do the blog this way? Why don't I keep a separate blog for our daily stuff and just keep the perfect letter up front?

Well. Cuz that's not how I work.

I'm not perfect. My family's not perfect. If I have a thought, I share it. And any birth family who places a child with us will have to appreciate that we are open and up-front about . . . well, pretty much everything. Want to know who we are? Go back and read. Read our letter, by all means, as well (I worked hard on it, after all). But the essence of who I am and who we are as a family is in the posts on this blog. I'm passionate about those I love and what I believe. I love fiercely. I love music, to the very core of my being. I adore being a mom and I think my kids are two of the best EVER put on the face of the earth; they make me see the world and life in a different way. My husband is my best friend; he understands me, knows me inside and out--and thinks I'm amazing anyway.

This is US. Unvarnished. Just living our lives, day to day. Doing the best we can, like everyone else. We have our ups and downs, our losses, triumphs, trials and blessings. But, through it all, we are a family. And that's what keeps up going through the hard times and makes the happy times even better! As the quote goes:

"Other things may change us
but we start and end with family."

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