Monday, June 25, 2012

In a funk

Hoping a quick trip to Boise tomorrow will lift my spirits. My sis needs my help for an adoption event for our animal rescue.    I will drop all the loose ends I've been holding and go immerse myself in critter-helping for a day or two.  Maybe getting outside my own head will help me put recent events into perspective. Plans A, B, and C have all what's plan D? Well, good question!  

Yeehaw! Those critters need HELP!
What do y'all do to get out of a funk?


  1. Getting away is usually my de-funk-ination plan also. If big, far away trips aren't possible, a good camping trip in the woods, nature, and fresh air works wonders. And usually a trip to the temple. :) I think your plan is just perfect... sisters help a million too!

  2. Getting away, watching Mormon Messages on You Tube, writing or talking to a friend- oh, and chocolate- those are the things that get me de-funked. Good Luck!


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