Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bloggy Bloggerton

Andy's birthday was a great success! Thanks to Sherrie & Co. for calling him at work and singing to him! It gave him a kick. I left a card for him on his desk, so he got that first thing in the morning, then the call from Sherrie, then Nate called and sang to him, then he came home to a yummy meal, angel food cake and a brand new grill! And another round of Happy Birthday was sung!

Me & Nate: Happy birthday to you...
Lizzie: To you!
Me & Nate: Happy birthday to you...
Lizzie: To you!
Me & Nate: Happy birthday dear Daddy!
Lizzie: DADDY!!!*claps hands*
Me & Nate: Happy birthday to you!
Lizzie: *cries because it's taking too long to get to eating the cake*

Yesterday was a busy day for us. The back fence is almost done! Hooray! The guys and the building supply place miscalculated and gave Andy enough supplies for all but about five feet of fence. :( But, I officially cannot see the Taco John's parking lot! Hooray!

We also worked on the patio yesterday. It is coming together nicely. I love the way the old brick looks.

Today's blog is dedicated to Dave, who apparently almost set his pants on fire! :o

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  1. Congrates on a successful birthday day for Andy and the fact that you can no longer see Taco Bell (or Time)! Hope you are able to get your last five feet finished. Didn't you just laugh imagining Dave slapping his pants yelling "My pants are on fire!" I am chuckling again just thinking about it. Thanks Brook for sharing.


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