Friday, June 20, 2008

Operation Andy's B-day!

No time to blog today! I have to get to the store and buy Andy's gift! I'm still not sure how I'll get it home...a grill in the back of my Jeep? Tiiiiight fit. And I'm not about to bring it home before assembling it. Wal-Mart will put it together for free! *sigh* We'll just have to see. But, besides that, I have to thaw the pork roast (which is still frozen solid, even though I took it out of the freezer last night) and cook it! And Lizzie's still eating breakfast! And do I have time to clean the house after I escape the Swirling Vortex of Death (AKA Wal-Mart)? I just don't know!

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  1. Happy Berfday, Andy! It's my berfday too. Hope it's a good one for you.


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