Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Suddenly Summer

Oh, the glorious...gloriousness...that is summer! :D Tomorrow, it's going to be 81 degrees! Suweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

Today, I once again feel the need to dedicate my blog entry to Dave. Thanks, Sherrie, for reminding me. I also get a good chuckle every time I think of poor Dave whacking at his pants! LOL! And yes, thanks again to Brooke for sharing that wonderful story! And thanks to Dave for hanging around and taking the attention off of my weirdness. ;)

Sherrie asks: How did you finish the last five feet of the fence?

Mary answers: We purchased more material. And we can't see Taco John's. Well...we can see the top of it...but at least no one can see us! :D And my back yard doesn't feel like a parking lot/cig break room anymore! Wuhoo!

Anyone read any good books lately?

I'm looking forward to the new Batman movie! Yay! I shall have to make a trip to a decent theater to see it! But, you never know...we may just be able to see it in theaters, before it hits DVD! Wonders never cease!

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  1. I can't decide if I want to watch the Batman movie. It looks pretty creepy. Plus it is disturbing watching Heath play such a creepy charictor and know that he was going a little mental before he died. I think part of it has to do with him playing such evil parts. But if you want to watch it in the theaters, you can come this way and we will watch kids for you.

    ps don't forget the kid's gift exchange at the cabin. We were thinking $5 limit. Plus Lisa and I were talking about a talent show. I will talk with BB about it and see what she things.


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