Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On strike

So, for some reason, our school administrators hadn't ironed out their contracts with the district before the school year started. Push came to shove, the union got involved (why does management have a union??), and long story short (too late?), the administrators went on strike. All the teachers are supporting the strike; no one is "crossing the line." school for the foreseeable future. Bleh!

I decided to take some kids out for a fun trip this morning. No reason to mope around the house, right? Here are our adventures:

Adorable kid #1
Adorable kid #2

Future Broadway performer?

She'd follow him to the ends of thee world...

Me and Young Dog. I love her doggy smile!

Hey! There's a cute Hubby!

Look, Lizzie...

Young Dog and her boy. They sure have fun!
As you can see, a fun time was had by all! We went to the fish hatchery and fed the fishies and ran around like wild people. We also went to the park and had lunch and played. I am all tuckered out, and the kids are ready for round 2!

I hope the strike is over soon. I do love spending time with my kids, but they have to make these off days up, so the strike is eating away at vacation days, and I DON'T like that! 

Anyone have ideas for fun stuff to do tomorrow? Or should I just make them clean their rooms?!

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