Friday, March 2, 2012


I would like to take tonight to thank the many friends who have seen me through this adoption journey. We all continue to travel together, even after all these years (Yes, YEARS). Some have brought babies home, some have been chosen by a birthmom and are awaiting the day their little one comes home, some of us are still waiting. And a few have placed their little ones with other families. Our bonds of friendship have been forged through pain, loss, hope, despair, and joy. Adoption has a way of doing that . . . Adoption is hard. It can be painful. But, as my sister reminded me yesterday, it's all about the love, y'all. Loving ourselves, loving each other, loving our kids. I've often said adoption is like a condensed sample of life. We need to love and support each other in our lives, even if we aren't affected by adoption. Imagine how far a little love and understanding can go in each of our families or communities! 

Anyway! Climbing down off my soap box now. Just remember . . . you're not alone . . . none of us is, if you think about it . . . not really . . . not ever.

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